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This is a place for useful information on learner legal motorbikes, rules and regulations plus monthly specials on learner approved bikes.

Keep checking back for updates and new specials!!


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Commonly asked questions from new motorcycle riders

What are the restrictions (in the ACT) for a learner and novice motorcycle rider?

Motorcycle restrictions flyer.pdf

What are the approved leaner bikes for the ACT?

Approved list for Learner Bikes

What are the approved leaner bikes for NSW?

Approved list for Learner Bikes

Where can I do additional courses to improve my riding?

Stay Upright

Motorcycle gear

The only thing that separates you from the road as you slide along after coming off your bike, is what gear you're wearing right there and then.

When buying your first bike it is important to include protective gear into your budget. This is a top priority so please invest in a good quality helmet, jacket and gloves. If you think that you cannot afford to buy all of this and stick to your budget, be sure you ask about our learner package deals.

Some tips on selecting the right gear


You must wear an Australian Standards approved helmet. Never use an old or second-hand helmet, as there may be hard to detect damage that can make the helmet unsafe.

There are many types of helmets; full-face, flip-up (modular), open face, off-road/motocross and half helmet, each of them designed for a different type of riding.

When fitting a helmet, it should comfortably grip the skin when it is moved from side to side, and should not feel loose when you move your head from side to side. Always fasten the chinstrap when riding and ensure the helmet cannot be removed with the chinstrap fastened.

There are various sorts of visors that you can get for helmets, some iridium and others tinted. Make sure that you do not use tinted visors at night!


A few things to look out for when you are buying an item of clothing is the material; will it withstand a crash. material such as leather or reinforced denim type material offers the best protection


Gloves come in a wide range of materials including leather or textile to suit differing condition and preferences.
Riders should ensure their gloves don’t obstruct the ability to feel the controls at their fingers, yet be a snug fit to ensure they won’t come off.

Gloves for motorcyclists are specifically designed to provide extra protection. General sporting/fashion gloves should not be worn for motorcycling.


All motorcyclists, including scooter riders, should ensure you wear purpose made boots for your chosen form of motorcycling. Reinforcement should be around the toe, heel, ankle and shin areas. When purchasing your boots, walk around in them and wear them for ten minutes or so to ensure they will be the most suitable and comfortable option.
There should be no laces, rings, tags, etc... that can catch on a mechanical component of your motorcycle.

To Do Check List

To Do Check List

Its important to mantain your motorcycle, to keep you and your ride safe. Below is a quick check list of things to do, to keep your mototcycle running well:

  • Check for drive chain slack and lube chain
  • Check tyre pressure once every month, Tyre placard usually on swing arm of chain guard
  • Periodically check tyre wear
  • Each tank of fuel, check engine oil
  • Periodically check lights, indicators, brake and tail lights
  • After fuel up, switch tap to ‘on’ position-not reserve or prime
  • If no start check kill switch, check side stand, check fuel tap, make sure bike is in neutral
  • Listen for abnormal noises from brakes or engine
  • Check cables, should be smooth